Thursday, January 14, 2016

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This is my first entry to this blog since December 15, 2015, and that was something special, since prior to that, the last entry had been on October 17. I did not intend to put it aside quite so long; that was not my intention on the morning of October 18. October’s spotty posting (four posts in a month of thirty-one days) was not wholly intentional, but I knew there would be a slow-down, as I intended to spend October writing some stories.

It had to be October, because November was my month for writing an application to an MFA program in creative writing (as of this moment—January 14, 2016—knowing whether or not I got into the program is well into the future). I think inertia just carried me through December.

Here we are, nearly halfway through January, and I really haven’t written a blog post since October. I haven’t done regular blog updates since the end of September. I had some Esperanto posts planned for December and January that will now have to be postposed for a future December and January. They’re history; they’ll keep. (There’s a lot more history of the early Esperanto movement in the United States to explore.)

There a lot of things I still want to do with this blog. To bring it back to the personal, one of the nice things the blog did was that it got me accustomed to writing something on the order of a thousand words a day. That’s a habit, which I have to confess, I’ve fallen out of. My hope is that by revisiting the blog, I can rebuild that writing stamina.

For all it’s worth, writing is a lot like going to the gym. You keep at it, you get better. There are those writing muscles that need to be exercised and stretched. Without this, it’s the mental equivalent of sitting on the couch having a second piece of chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is nice, but it isn’t going to help you run faster and further or lift heavier objects. Sorry.

I face this moment aware that some of my writing muscles are in serious need of a good workout. I need to get my focus back. It’s never too late for a resolution, because they really don’t have to be made only on New Year’s Eve. It’s time to get my writing muscles back. This blog is my gym.

[This was intended as a quick one to get me back into writing. It took an inordinate amount of work. I'm going to get better at this. Honest.]
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  1. 1) Glad to see you're still with us

    2) I now feel somewhat better about how long it can sometimes take me to write one single post on a forum :)

  2. Welcome back! I really enjoy reading about the history of Esperanto and would be disappointed if this blog fell out of use.

  3. You ought to know that you have readers. I'm one!


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