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I'm a gay Jewish esperantist with a background in Medieval Studies. I cook. I travel. I write. I'm trying to make my blog as eclectic as my life.

I like getting feedback on what I write. Yeah, the page hit count is feedback, but feel free to make it more direct and personal.

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  1. Your blog is wonderfully done. I enjoy reading the topics. I am a beginning esperantist. Keep up the wonderful work. :) Ron

  2. I have tried to send the text below,but I'mot sure if I have succeeded. Iwrote about the U.K. security services' interest niEsperanto on page 5 here:

    That criminals are quick to avail themselves of the newest scientific inventions in carrying on their occupations has long been well known, writes the Pall Mall Gazette correspondent at Prague. And so it is, perhaps, more interesting than surprising to learn that Anarchists have already grasped the possibilities of Esperanto as a means of communication with their comrades in foreign lands. Quite recently the authorities in Bohemia discovered in what was supposed to be a miners' labour association an Anarchistic organisation, well equipped, with ramifications extending from Spain and Portugal, in the South, to North America, in the West. Police investigations brought to light a large quantity of books, papers, documents, and letters of a highly incriminating character. It was found that the bulk of the correspondence with Anarchists abroad was carried on in Esperanto, in which all the parties seemed to have obtained a fair degree of proficiency. “Czeska Federace," as the society was called, also had its secret cypher, which the police are now trying to unravel.

    Source: Rhyl Record and Advertiser, 29 August 1908

    One wonders why this curious story caught the eye of the editor of a North Wales newspaper. It is true that, early in its existence, Esperanto caught the eyes of a range of political groups – not just anarchists.

  3. VERY INTERESTING topics (from an Esperantist's point of view, and also from "just a world's citizen's" one) in a VERY ATTRACTIVE site.

    EXCELLENT WORK! Thank you.

    as 'Terminator' said: "I'll be back"

    P.D. How about your site having a "com.es" URL?
    (I'm from Spain)



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