Frequently Asked Questions

Are these really frequently asked questions?
No, not really. Actually, no one has asked these questions. I made them all up.

Who reads this blog?
Okay, technically, this is a frequently asked question. I've been asking it frequently, ever since I started seeing hits on my blog from countries where I don't have any friends.

I'm not quite sure. Since my readers have been somewhat silent (come on, comment!), I have no idea who is actually looking at these pages. A friend did tell me that she enjoys my post on cooking. Maybe she's reading those posts, over and over again.

If you are reading this blog, please feel free to comment. I'll pretty much publish anything that isn't spam.

What is your comment policy?
No spam. No attacking people. Comments must be in a language I understand. Other than that, I'm fine with just about anything. Vulgar language? Fuck yeah! Actual questions can be answered in the comments.

And I really want some comments. If you have read one of my posts and would like to say something, please do!

You blog about Esperanto a lot. Why is that?
I learned Esperanto in 1981 and I've been speaking it since. It's a long-term interest of mine.

Why isn't the blog in Esperanto, then?
Parts of it are. I've written one post in Esperanto with accompanying translation and translated another post as a stand-alone item. There could be more. There are probably some people who would prefer that I wrote solely in Esperanto. But I decided that I wanted the blog's language to be English, before I realized how much Esperanto there was going to be.

What about ads?
What about them? I have applied for Google's AdSense program. Ads now appear on this blog. You may want to look at my privacy policy.

Are you tracking me?
Yes. I have inserted the code for Google Analytics on my page. It won't tell me who you actually are, but will tell me what countries are viewing what pages at what time (while ignoring the non-person hits that Blogger keeps counting). I'mm sure I'll write about whatever they tell me (which is currently nothing).

You can follow my blog on Twitter (@impofthediverse) or on Facebook. If you like this post, share it with your friends. If you have a comment just for me, e-mail me at impofthediverse@gmail.com.
This blog runs solely on ego! Follow this blog! Comment on this post! Let me know that you want to read more of it!

1 comment:

  1. Well, seeing as you are looking for comments, I thought I'd leave one. I have a big interest in Esperanto and history, so I like your blogs combination of both. Keep up the good work!

    Mi tre ŝatas legi pri la historio de Esperanto sur vian blogon. Bonŝanco!


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