Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Esperanto Lives! A digression into video blogging #EsperantoLives

I am in no way a video blogger. This blog has been quiet lately, because I've been very, very busy lately, and I haven't had the chance to put together a blog post. But, for Zamenhof Day, I decided to get in on the #EsperantoLives project and create a snippet of video.

It took me several tries to do it, and perhaps I should have decided that I wasn't going to do it in one three-minute take. There was the time the cat walked in the room and meowed loudly just as I was finishing up. There was the flubbed line. There was the "perfect" take, except I forgot to pitch Duolingo (I don't have to pitch Duolingo, but it's a good place to learn Esperanto.

If I had to do it again (and I suppose I could), I would be pointing out that the books at right shoulder include some books in or about Esperanto.

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