Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Page: A History of Esperanto

I've written many posts on the history of Esperanto, and those are going to keep on coming. However, I will admit that the way I've handled them is somewhat slapdash. It's not like I started with 1887 and have been inching my way to the current day. Instead, I jump back and forth through the years as we hit the anniversaries of various events.

I'm not trying to write a coherent history, but instead write a series of blog posts where I put these events in context. But, as they accumulate, I realized that my readers might like to put them in the larger context (and it might help me as well.

In order to address this, I've added a new page to the top of the blog,

 On this page, you will find the events I've written about listed in chronological order. It's always going to be a work-in-progress, but it's somewhat more of one today, as I've only added entries from the first three months of this blog. I'll catch up soon!

I think this will help those who want to read the blog in a somewhat more chronological fashion. Happy reading!
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