Monday, November 3, 2014

An Open Letter to Cox Communications

I receive frequent annoying scam calls. I was even more bothered to find out that in order to block these people from their repeated call, Cox wishes to charge me additional money. This should be free. Cox is complicit in this by trying to make money off of people who just want the nuisance callers to leave to them alone. One number, 570-983-3206, called me 18 times in the course of August and September. We have been called four times in the last four months from 949-896-5565, who claim to be contractors looking for work. We have told them not to call back, but they persist.

I was told that it would cost me an additional five dollars a month to be able to block these callers. Cox should not be charging money to protect me from these annoying, persistent, and illegal calls. If the phone carriers made it easy and free to block these calls, phone scammers would be in trouble. Think of boiler rooms of people listening to busy signals all day.

If the phone companies aren't willing to offer this, then perhaps Washington needs to better regulate the phone companies. I know that I will be contacting my representatives in Washington, the FTC, and the FCC on this matter. Cox should stop making life easy for phone scammers and side with their customers.
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1 comment:

  1. Don't count on Cox to care about internet security or scam calls. Their focus is maintaining the big bucks. If you ditch Cox telephone and go with vonage you can then set up NoMorobo using the simulring feature to block all robo calls. It will ring once or twice and then hang up. Genuine calls get through OK.


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