Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yosemite — Out with the Old, In with the … Old

That's a suspiciously 3D graphic
I haven't booted into OS X 10.10 for nearly a week. I was using a few things that I'm keeping wholly in Mavericks right now (like iPhoto) or won't really work (no point in using Clear if it's not going to sync with my iOS devices). This morning, I decided to work in Yosemite for a bit, although some of the things I want to do today involve installing additional apps onto my Yosemite drive.

There's still plenty of room, because I've been keeping it tidy. I'm not backing up the Yosemite drive, so instead I transfer things over to the main partition of my hard drive. Finished documents are stored there. (And the main consumers of space on my hard drive are my photo library and my music collection.)

One bit of tidying that is happening only on the Yosemite install is that I keep the Downloads folder bare, moving things into the Documents folder (which I then sync in Mavericks). As I was dragging things out, I noticed that I hadn't thrown away "About Documents," the PDF that's already in your Downloads folder on install.

I haven't looked at the file for a long while. The one in my main install was deleted long ago (probably several OS X versions ago). I decided to open it, even though it wasn't going to tell me anything I didn't already know.

That's when I found out that it's a part of the system they haven't updated for Yosemite. Nope. Check it out:

"Welcome to OS X Mavericks." It cites Mavericks three times! Yosemite? Never heard of it.

I'm sure that when the final version of Yosemite comes out (whenever that will be), they'll re-do that document. I'm sure it's on someone's To-Do list.

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