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The Esperanto Late News

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The Coconino Sun was probably repeating an article from another source on August 7, 1914, but they might have more carefully read the article about the Tenth Universala Kongreso before publishing it. The congress was scheduled for August 2—10, 1914, so it’s already too late to get there.

Anyone looking for more information, as detailed in the article, had better hope that the mails were really quick. Even with next day delivery (both ways) getting to the closing ceremonies would have required the interested person to hop on a jet (not yet invented). Of course, with the technology of the era, it would have involved a train (several, probably) from Flagstaff, Arizona (where the Coconino Sun was published) to New York, and then steamship trip of several days in order to get to Le Havre (or some other port), and then another train to Paris. Simple, huh?

That’s not the only problem, of course.
Universal Esperanto Congress in Paris
The Tenth Universal Congress of Esperanto will be held this year, in Paris, from the 2nd to the 10th of August. Already more than 3000 persons from all lands have sent their enrollment for this meeting, the importance of which will exceed that of all previous ones. The committee in charge consists of many Frenchmen eminent in politics, science and literature. Whole days will be dedicated to the different departments, as those of the scientist, physicians, lawyers, postoffice officials, etc., and each will be entertained by similar societies of Paris. Part of the Congress will be reserved to the meeting of the Universal Esperanto Association whose central office is in Geneva. In the daily program will be considered the questions of the utility of the tourist, international post office money order, and various other applications of Esperanto.

A large number of entertainments have been arranged for in honor of the Congress members.

On account of the Congress the railroads of France make a special rate of a single fare for the round trip, besides which the U. E. A. has arranged various excursions.

Persons desiring further information are referred to the District Delegate of the U. E. A., C. H. McKinney.
Are you sorry you missed it? So was everyone else.

While more than 3,000 people signed up for the Universala Kongreso, the actual attendance was zero, or as we say in Esperanto, “nulo.” Remember the year? 1914. What happened then?

The conference was just about to begin when war broke out. Everything was cancelled. People who were headed to Paris had to turn around and go home. Despite the indications that it was going to be the largest UK to that date, it was the only one that was ever cancelled.
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