Saturday, July 12, 2014

Volapük and Life, Henry James and Love

In a group of short items in the Mexico Weekly Ledger, of Mexico, Missouri, on July 12, 1888 is an item that seems to slight either Volapük, the town of Walla Walla, or maybe both.

A Volapuk club has been formed in Walla Walla, W. T. We are glad to see that Walla Walla people now have something to live for.
That's just harsh.

The next item notes that
Henry James boasts that he has never loved a woman. If from this we can infer that he has loved a man we think we can name the man.

I'm sure they mean Henry James loved himself, since in 1888, they weren't likely to be suggesting that he loved other men, though in point of fact he did. What he did about that is a question that will probably never be answered, though he did describe himself in 1904 as "hopelessly celibate."

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