Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Message Mystery

I wanted to follow up on a message I had sent but when I checked my sent mail (in Mavericks) it wasn’t there. I had sent it using Mail in Yosemite (my first one, actually). I was logged into Mavericks, but just to make sure I had sent it (though even a draft should show up everywhere), I logged into Yosemite. This should all work pretty invisibly. Failing to find it made me wonder if I deleted it when I intended to send it, though that would be strange. On the other hand, it was strange that it hadn’t synced up from the two installations of Mail.

I probably should have checked my iPad and iPhone as well. Mail should just quietly sync among these four places. Five, I suppose, if you count iCloud on the web.The Message Mystery
I went through the reboot and launched Mail (in Yosemite). It promptly hung up. The Spinning Beachball of Death. Damn. I force quit, sent the crash report to Apple, and told the program to relaunch. The e-mail was in my Sent box. I did send it.

While I was there, an e-mail came in that I decided to answer right away. Once that was done, I had something to do in Mavericks (specifically: photos; not opening the iPhoto database from Yosemite). Time for another reboot.

I think I like the Yosemite reboot better.

Now the e-mail that had sent me to the Yosemite e-mail in the first place was in the Sent box of Mail (Mavericks), but the one I had just sent wasn’t there. I waited. Nothing. I looked at my iPad. They were all there. Go figure.

I quit mail. No crashing this time. When it opened, everything was as I expected it.

A bit of a mystery and maybe one I would have had even without doing a beta test. No idea.
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