Friday, May 1, 2015

First Blogaversary

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I started this blog one year ago today with a short post about blogging (I’ve tracked a few blogs back to find their writers started with the same thing). From there, I went to cooking, but it wasn’t until the blog was three weeks old that I started looking at old articles about Esperanto and other constructed languages (something that now dominates my blog). Yet, when I did that first post on Esperanto, it wasn’t my intent. I figured I’d fill in with posting on something on Esperanto from time to time.

There are, ironically, some things I wanted to do with this blog (including reading through The Faerie Queene) that I haven’t done. Nor have I done as many cooking posts as I’d like to, which is a little surprising to me. Ironically, I keep thinking of cooking posts I should write, but then they don’t get written.

I had imagined that there might be some give-and-take on my blog posts, but after a year of writing, there have been 108 comments on my blog, some of which I wrote myself in response to people who commented on various posts. Speaking of numbers, this is my 529th post (which means roughly I turn out three every two days, or more precisely, 1.445 posts per day, although there is no such thing as 0.445 of a blog post).

Two things for the future: I’ve almost made a full cycle on the history of Esperanto. Yeah, there are other things. I keep finding earlier items and additional interesting items (coming soon, what might be the first article about Esperanto in the English-language American press). With that done, it will free me up to doing more things that aren’t the history of Esperanto, including further pieces articles about sodomy from the turn of the century, more cooking (promise), and I actually hope to do more items in Esperanto.

Some friends have suggested that I do more travel writing. I will do that, but the problem is that I haven’t been traveling much lately.

I’m looking forward to the second year of this blog. I hope you are too.
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