Monday, October 13, 2014

Yosemite — the Plunge and a Late Update

Another update? Why did no one tell me?
Probably because I have the App Store set to automatically update my apps, I haven’t been too observant about the latest updates to the Yosemite Public Beta. Maybe they showed up anyway. During the weekend, I decided that we were clearly getting close enough to the official Yosemite launch to make it my main operating system.

I was kinda hoping that the App Store would let me simply jump the the end of things and go for Beta 4. No such luck.

No, in updating, I had to to from Beta 1 to Beta 2. Before going to bed, I launched the installation of Beta 3. When I got up in the morning, I installed Beta 4. It wasn’t too terrible. Then I checked the App Store. Time for Beta 5. A quick search on the Internet showed me that Beta 5 has been out for a bit. The Yosemite partition I created as a test partition is still around (though I’ve already copied all the files from it). I could boot into it just to find out which version of Yosemite it’s running. Or I could say to hell with it.

To hell with it.

After the large number of OS updates, the App Store then decided to update some apps, even though they were already in their most recent versions. Go figure. And in in the Purchases pane, they list their weeks-old updated dates. There will be more updates to come.

I also probably updated to iCloud Drive too early. Instead of waiting for the updates to run, I did update right after the initial switchover to Yosemite. Why the hurry? I knew I was running some updates.

Initial Thoughts

(Can these actually be “initial,” given that I’ve been using Yosemite since July 25? They’re initial for using it for my main system.)

I can’t find the button to trigger “switch to miniplayer” in iTunes. Other than that, the new version of iTunes looks pretty good.

Obviously, in many ways, I’ve already become accustomed to Yosemite. I’ve been switching back and forth between the two, mostly using Mavericks when I was doing something I couldn’t do on my Yosemite partition (iPhoto, as I keep noting). Whenever I was in Mavericks, I kept being struck by how much I missed Yosemite.

In a way, during the Beta period, I really was testing this in a garden; a little 50GB partition with just a few apps. Now it’s time to try it for real. After all, since it proved the be pretty trouble free, why not take the training wheels off?

So far the only problem seems to be that Clear is reluctant to sync between iOS and desktop. It’s happening, but not with the speed that I’m using to. Maybe that will work out.
Everything seems to be updated. Time to try iPhoto.

Update: And here comes another update, now to Beta 6.

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